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March Card Reading, Tryna's interpretationTryna Gower
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SELF-LOVE is in the air!

Love is in the air, but SELF LOVE is in the AIR for you!

Have you thought about getting more in touch with yourself? You know, figuring out how to listen and trust your Spidey Senses a little bit more?

Is your soul calling out for connection? Do you yearn to let go of stress and reconnect with yourself? Do you yearn to do something just for you??

I got into meditation years ago was because I was suffering from quite a bit of stress. I was a business professional so I was enduring a lot with a team of

seven, new design company, a lot of money on the table. And although it was going well, and it had its ups and downs, I was still experiencing a lot of internal stress. I also lost some family members, and had personal things going on at the same time including the diagnosis of an an autoimmune disorder to top it all off. So I desperately wanted something that I could find to help balance and center my energy, my nerves, my mind, my STRESS lol, and help progress in a positive way. So that's why I started my exploration and found peace along the way.

I have been practicing meditation for 10 years now and cannot even begin to tell you how much it's improved my life. Meditation Is The Pathway to Your Higher Consciousness. While relaxation is fine, imagine learning how to actually fall into a state of meditation and feel real peace and clear away stress and anxiety on a much deeper level.

You know this — inner peace is always inside, and you know you should do it, but are uncertain of how to do it, or wonder if you are doing it correctly.

But here's the thing, when we start something new, we are sometimes fearful. We put up walls, or make excuses before we even start.

I talk about what might be stopping us here in this weeks Vlog if you want to check it out below.

If you are you stressed, you are naturally off balance.

While relaxing to mindful apps and music is nice, entering into an authentic deep state of mediation is where the real shift happens. As a Masters of Wisdom Certified Meditation Teacher, I know how to get you there.My inherent connection to spirit through my DNA and Indigenous roots gives me a natural ability to see what others can’t and this is why I'm so passionate about sharing the things I have learned with you.

I also have classes coming up the last 3 weeks of every month to help bring you into yourself, to stillness and peace.

As YOU gain momentum in this process, you will begin to learn so much more about yourself, your purpose, and how to move through difficult topics. I deliver you to your higher self through teaching the sacred practice of meditation so you can foster a connection with your spirit. But it all starts with you, inside, deeply wanting to change, connect and learn.

I urge you to take the first step, to spend some time doing what ever it is that brings your heart joy, and peace. Give yourself some self love this year, and there is no better month to start, then the month dedicated to love, FEBRUARY.

I'm here to help you Remember who you are! And you can learn more about my monthly Learn to meditate Classes here


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