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March Card Reading, Tryna's interpretationTryna Gower
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What Is Your Strongest Intuitive Gift?

Hey, I will tell you this right now, EVERYONE is intuitive. Yes, EVERYONE. Intuition is our God given gift and once we get out of our way, find excellent teachers and choose to take action to unfold it, life becomes meaningful, even in the toughest situations and for me, it helped me to improve relationships in a profound way!

Listening to your intuition is a vital skill that can profoundly impact your decision-making and overall well-being, and for those of you who don't usually listen, pat yourself on the back for reading this—it would be your intuition that landed you here for this read. Often described as a "gut feeling" or "inner voice," intuition is the subconscious processing of information and experiences that can guide us towards right way of living for our highest good. Not your friends, or your mother's, but yours or away from potential harm. This innate ability has been honed through millennia of human evolution, serving as an internal compass that can quickly assess situations and provide insights that our conscious mind might overlook. By tuning into and trusting our intuition, we can tap into a wealth of wisdom that goes beyond logical reasoning, potentially leading to more authentic and fulfilling life choices. Moreover, cultivating a strong connection with your intuition can enhance your emotional intelligence and self-awareness. I do this through the practice of mediation and breathwork. When we build a solid relationship with ourselves, our inner language system turns on.

As you become more attuned to your inner guidance, you may find yourself better equipped to navigate complex social situations, identify opportunities for personal growth, and maintain healthier relationships. Intuition can also serve as a powerful tool for creativity and problem-solving, often providing innovative solutions or ideas that may not arise through conventional thinking alone. By valuing and nurturing this aspect of our cognition and spirit, we can develop a more holistic approach to life's challenges and opportunities, balancing rational analysis with the subtle yet powerful insights of our intuitive mind. Consistent practice determines our personal wealth and happiness.

Here are the 5 top Clairs that I teach about in my Psychic Circle classes that genuinely provide instant information .

Clairvoyance: Clear seeing. This involves receiving visual intuitive information, either externally with your eyes open or internally in your mind's eye.

Clairaudience: Clear hearing. This refers to receiving auditory intuitive messages, like hearing words or sounds in your mind.

Clairsentience: Clear feeling. This involves sensing emotions, physical sensations, or energy related to intuitive information.

Claircognizance: Clear knowing. This is when you simply know something to be true without seeing, hearing, or feeling it.

Clairalience: Clear smelling. This is the ability to smell something that isn't physically present.

These five clairs represent different ways that intuitive information can be perceived. Some people may be stronger in one or more of these areas, while others might experience a combination of them. I'd suggest developing these intuitive senses often and practice. Paying attention to the subtle ways information comes through. It's worth noting that while these are considered the main five clairs, some sources also mention a sixth clair:

Clairgustance: Clear tasting. This involves tasting or knowing something that isn't physically present.

Understanding which clair(s) you're most attuned to can help you develop your intuitive abilities more effectively and most people have one or two that they can easily use.

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