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March Card Reading, Tryna's interpretationTryna Gower
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Learn To Balance Your Energy Chakras To feel Better

What is a Chakra?

Here is a way to get started understanding and balancing your own chakras.

Chakras are an ancient Vedic wisdom and a core philosophical scripture of Hinduism. They are located on the physical body like the image below and each colour is an important part of the system, they transmit our vital life force energy throughout our physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

Chakras are energetic junction points connecting your human way of being and feeling with the universal energy that is infinite and available for us all to tap into — things we haven’t yet created, experienced or felt and connect us to spirit and the highest cosmic energy available to us. Although there are 108 chakras in and outside the body we will focus on the main 7 energy points.

These chakras are rotating wheels radiating vibrations of light or infinite connection to source — your highest vibration or connection point to Source, God, Universe, or Creator. Whichever name you use, does not matter. Just focus your attention on allowing the wheels to be brilliant and flow synergistically together while you do the practice.

To start becoming familiar with where they are located, imagine that each one is approximately 7 fingers from one to the next. See them as spinning wheels of light in the colour displayed above. We will bring our attention to each of these points and learn about the vibrational sounds used to help bring rebalance to them.

I say rebalance because during your life journey, one or some of the chakras will be off balance from time to time and not spinning and flowing in unison with the others. When this happens, you may notice an upset in your life or blockages of sorts. Let me give you an example; If you are having trouble speaking your truth, or find that you passively accept what others say just to keep the peace, or you find that you don't speak much or even tend to cough a lot, you may have an imbalance in your Throat Chakra or in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India and Pauli and the ancient language of Buddhism, your Vishuddha. (Pronounced vi-shoo-da.)

Here are the vibrations that go with each chakra:

1. Start rebalancing at the bottom ROOT CHAKRA to establish a strong grounding presence repeat the vibration: LAAM This will give you a sense of stability, connection and strength.

2. SACREL CHAKRA repeat the vibration: VAAM to help ignite creativity, sexual desire and give birth to new ideas.

3. SOLAR PLEXUS repeat the vibration: RAAM to help you get it done, feel confident and independent.

4. HEART CHAKRA repeat the vibration YAAM to help you feel love, trust, empathy & compassion.

5. THROAT CHAKRA repeat the vibration HUM to help you express yourself better, to give yourself permission to do things.

6. THIRD EYE CHAKRA repeat the vibration SHAAM to open up your intuition, dreams and perceptiveness.

7. CROWN CHAKRA repeat the vibration OM to open up to the Divine connection and all knowing you.

To begin a very basic and simple practice of bringing a sense of rebalance to the chakras, take a long slow deep breath in and then exhale these sound vibrations above to help stimulate the chakras. Of course, I encourage you to join me in a session of rebalancing chakras to ensure you have it understood, but for now you can learn the basics and language to get familiar with these teachings and begin to open the pathways.

As you begin to explore these energy centres, just open up to the idea that they are always in motion and your personal vibration is too. I invite you to continue learning about your own vibration with me and how with awareness and practice, you can live a more peaceful, joyous life and begin to allow and trust that you are on your right path ... always.

If you are looking to get more in touch with your vibrations you are welcome to join me at any of my sessions or classes if they call out to you. Class options right here:

I wish you a colourful day,


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