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Tryna Gower shares her spiritual mediumship gift with seekers in Dawson Creek and worldwide who want to lift their vibration and harness their own intuition.


Get the tools you need to progress in your spiritual journey from her online store.  

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be.come: begin to be. by Tryna Gower
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Available locally in Dawson Creek, B.C.
at the following Locations:

Dawson Creek Health Food Center

Fort St. John
Aboriginal Business Centre

be.come: begin to be.

This book is your guide to learning HOW you want to be...


Not WHAT you want to be, but simply how. Some of the greatest books of our time have changed our lives by teaching us to manifest what we want — especially material things. While that’s helpful, this book takes you back to the very first step: the kindergarten of learning to create a reality that is exactly how you want it to be.


By taking you on Tryna Gower’s real-life journey of death, healing, and love beyond the grave, be.come will teach you one simple skill. It’s a skill, a concept and a practice that your family, school or employer never taught you. be.come imparts a knowledge that’s hard to find elsewhere — there are no universities or online courses that teach it. It’s the simplest lesson in the world, but it has more power than war or affluence. And if there was ever a time to learn this lesson, it’s now.


Canadian communicator Tryna Gower spent two years channelling this book directly through a connection with her native ancestors. At 35, this Cree Métis woman started to experience the gift of a lifetime. After the passing of her Cree grandmother, Adel Doris Spacil, her intuitive abilities awakened at a radical speed, and she was asked to provide this very simple lesson to humanity.

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