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Psychic medium readings to help you connect with your higher self


How could a psychic medium reading, tarot reading, or psychometry session help you? Are you curious and excited about life and your own energetic capacity? Or do you suffer from depression, anxiety, trouble making decisions, stuck feelings, confusion about what your purpose or power is? These are all very common symptoms of the soul that has been cut off from spiritual guidance. 


My job as a spiritual medium is to create a nurturing space for you to connect with your higher self, clear blocks, and clearly perceive the path ahead of you. Your job as my client is to give yourself permission to move forward.


I have experienced success and suffered grave hardships too. My teachers have helped me to heal my traumas and harness my spiritual gifts. I want the same freedom for you.

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How a reading works

Each reading is 45 minutes in length and can take place in person, over Zoom video conferencing or on the telephone. And for those of you worried about receiving bad news — don’t be. The spirit world is generous and loving.


  1. We generally start with a psychic intuitive reading. I will receive messages from your energy body and aura. 

  2. We will clear dense energy blocks or limiting beliefs that hold you back.

  3. I will deliver messages from the spirit world that may include visits from passed loved ones, guides, and or angels.

  4. Ask any 3 questions that you like.

Let’s connect right away

If my approach is resonating with you, reach out today and book a psychic medium reading, oracle reading, or psychometry session. Don’t prolong your suffering, stuckness, confusion, and disconnection by sitting on the fence — life is too short! Receive what the spirit world holds for you and you will get the answers you need to move forward with ease.

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