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The art of balance is being exactly who you are


How did I go from being an award-winning photographer and entrepreneur to teaching about meditation and intuition? 


I know it sounds unlikely, but that’s my story in a nutshell. It’s a story about finding true balance and helping others to do the same.

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My Story


I was born a sensitive and artistic soul, but for years, I lived and breathed nothing but business. In 2010, I opened a large and ultimately very successful photography and design studio. I hired and mentored staff. I collected awards. I made my mark as a creative entrepreneur. But little did I know that was only the start of my journey. 


You see, at the same time that I was building my business, I unexpectedly became estranged from some of my family members. To top it off, my Cree grandmother died.  Granny was the mother figure in my life and my only connection to my Indigenous culture and family history. Otherwise, I led the typical mainstream lifestyle, focusing on working hard and trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to dull the pain of a traumatic childhood.


Then, six months after Granny’s death, everything changed. I began having dreams and visions that electrified me — but also confused me. It was as if my Cree-Métis heritage was reaching out for me, and I didn’t know whether I wanted to reach back.


Just like you, I was looking for answers. Mine came in the form of Ruby Tunke, a wise woman who put me on a spiritual path that I never knew existed.  She showed me how to connect to the answers that were already within me. Along with Ruby, I connected with teachers all over the world, including internationally recognized meditation expert, davidji.


My life shifted to include more of the elements that made me uniquely myself. I wasn’t just a photographer. I wasn’t just a businesswoman. I was also a teacher. And I knew my mission was to help others balance all of the beautiful, contradictory, essential, and extraordinary aspects of their true selves. Whether it’s through learning how to meditate or learning how to harness your own intuitive gifts, I’m here to help you find you. 

Find your True Balance

Imagine connecting with a teacher who can empower you to be your uniquely authentic self, living in balance. Imagine finally learning to meditate. Imagine being able to reach deep within yourself for the answers you need—in finances, in relationships, you name it. I want you to be able to look back on your life story, and feel amazement at how many different gifts you were able to pick up along the way.  



To get the book that tells my story of becoming a psychic medium, click below.


The Moore Show

After the launch of her book, be.come ~ begin to be, Tryna was invited to be a guest on The Moore Show, a platform for some of the world's greatest philosophers, paranormal researchers, life coaches, spiritual teachers, and authors. In this episode, Tryna tells the story of awakening to her own psychic mediumship, a gift allowing her to channel her Canadian Native ancestors for guidance. She also shares her insights into how everyday people can shift their awareness and develop their own intuition.

Following this appearance, Tryna received requests from around the world to conduct readings over Skype (which she has discovered works just as well as in-person encounters). She was also invited to appear in a film produced by The Moore Show called They Call Us Channelers. Tryna’s fresh voice, unique experiences, and powerful gifts make her an inspirational international speaker and guest. 

If you would like to book Tryna as a guest on your show, please click here

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New Pioneers: Stories of 100 BC Women Entrepreneurs 2008

In 2008, Tryna was selected as 1 of 100 New Pioneers, Stories of 100 BC Women Entrepreneurs.

Tryna Gower got her first camera when she was 17 and says she has been a shutterbug ever since. She took lessons at the local college then studied at the New York Institute of Photography. Despite her passion for photography, Tryna says she really never wanted to make it her business because she was afraid it would lose its lustre. Eventually, her friends convinced her to open a studio in 2000 but it wasn’t until 2002 that she officially considered it launched. “I needed it to be flexible,” she says.

Although there were photographers in the area doing the usual Say cheese family shots, Tryna says she was the first in her area to start a home-based photography business and the first to be mobile. That meant she was able to develop her name and reputation before similar studios opened up. She now has a full indoor studio facility and a full outdoor studio with breathtaking views. At first, business was very slow. “Basically, I didn’t make any money for the first four years, “ she says. I never got a loan; I bought everything with cash. I was lucky I didn’t have to work for income. Now I am making money.” Her advice to potential entrepreneurs: “learn basic business skills. There’s a difference between learning your craft and learning basic business skills; you need both.” The flexible hours Tryna’s business offers work well for her.

She values her relationship with her husband and children and never misses an opportunity to be with them for the important things. “I’m a person full of zigs and zags. I can’t work 9-5 so this works for me. Sometimes I’m in my studio at midnight working.” “My business looks 10 times better now then when I planned it eight years ago,” she says. “I’m doing more artistic photographs and leaning towards doing photography for publishing and printing. It’s a much bigger scale.”

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2009 BC Achievement Awards: Aboriginal Business of the Year

In 2009, Tryna Gower accepted the BC Achievement Awards’ inaugural Business of The Year Award for a 1-2 person enterprise.


As a Canadian Native entrepreneur sharing the stage with high-end fashion designers and media heavy-hitters, she cut an inspirational figure.

The award, which attracted nominations from around the province, recognized Tryna’s unique accomplishments as a portrait photographer and marketing and branding professional. As a strong Canadian Native leader, she has long blended robust business capabilities with a rare depth of creativity and intuition.

The Business of the Year Award capped off over a decade of delivering these unique offerings to her clients. It also paved the way for Tryna’s courageous expansion of her business, which now includes international speaking and physic mediumship services.


Tryna is especially well equipped to harness the wisdom and insights of her ancestors on behalf of business owners and creative professionals. She understands what it means to be a professional who is bent on success—as her Business of the Year Award attests.

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