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Make the Video of your Life

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

This year I’m ready, and I’m committed to you. We all have trauma, pasts, blocks and there is nothing more that I want, or have ever wanted than to help you heal YOU. So where do we begin. To start 2021 off, I have decided to share my story, all of it, even the hard parts i've been leaving out. And doing so brought up many feelings. I must admit watching it, took time. And processing it, even longer. Once I had though, it brought up thoughts about what others might be holding deep down, that they need to let out as well.

What’s your story, your why, your won’t? If you were to sit down right now, and turn the phone camera towards you, and make the video of your life, what would you say? What would it be?

There is so much inside of you, and to you, and so much of that can stop you from moving forward.

So let’s go. Let’s do it this year. Let’s just start somewhere. I’m going to promise to share all of me, the good, the bad, the batty, the love, the light. But I want you there with me, and I'm going to really open up. Like I said above, I've been guilty of holding back some of my truths, some of the real stuff that shaped me. The real, REAL me.

To start this year off fresh I’ve added a few videos to my YouTube channel, and my story is linked below for you too.

I urge you to do this with me, make the video of your life. It can be as simple as sitting down in a quiet spot with your phone, and blurting out all the things you have always wanted to. JUST FOR YOU! Go back and listen to it. Honour it. Sit with it. Let it all out. Trust me, it feels so good in the soul. Release your story, put it out there, even if you are not ready to share it with anyone else yet. It might also help you discover why you do what you do.

Although my life was filled with traumatic events, I have used my Indigenous connection to help me walk in a good way in my adult life. With the help of my deceased Cree granny Adel, I discovered my spirit and connection to the Ancestors through meditation and finding my culture again. I want to walk this journey with you, and inspire you with tools to Remember Who You Are!

Click on the video below to watch my story, and if you want to keep in touch more often, or "stay in the vibe" as we say, you can sign up for my newsletter here. It is a great way to receive support and information about your own journey towards inner peace and trusting your intuition. I am here to lift you up, and keep it all in balance.

Contact me anytime, and breathe!


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