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March Card Reading, Tryna's interpretationTryna Gower
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Make the Video of your Life

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

This year I’m ready, and I’m committed to you. We all have trauma, pasts, blocks and there is nothing more that I want, or have ever wanted than to help you heal YOU. So where do we begin. To start 2021 off, I have decided to share my story, all of it, even the hard parts i've been leaving out. And doing so brought up many feelings. I must admit watching it, took time. And processing it, even longer. Once I had though, it brought up thoughts about what others might be holding deep down, that they need to let out as well.

What’s your story, your why, your won’t? If you were to sit down right now, and turn the phone camera towards you, and make the video of your life, what would you say? What would it be?

There is so much inside of you, and to you, and so much of that can stop you from moving forward.

So let’s go. Let’s do it this year. Let