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A Healing Gift From Louise Hay Reveals Itself

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

In psychic mediumship, you learn to accept the fact that the Universe has its own concept of time.

As an Indigenous medium, I draw upon my dreams for direction and insight from my ancestors, but sometimes that “direction” and “insight” isn’t unveiled right away. I can think of no better example of this than my 2014 Louise Hay dream—which just recently came to fruition in a fascinating way, shedding more light on my path as an author, speaker, and psychic medium in British Columbia.

When I dreamed this dream a few years back, there was no particular reason Louise Hay should have been on my mind. Sure, I was aware of this spiritual teacher and author. I’d checked out Hay House, her self help publishing company, a few times, and listened to her radio station, but she was by no means a prominent figure in my life.

In the dream, a group of about seven or eight of my female business acquaintances and I were having a dinner meeting at Mr. Mike’s Steak House in, Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada, where I live. By the evening darkness and snowflakes falling outside the window, I knew it was wintertime. I was sitting at the best seat, at the end of the table that faces east.

For no apparent reason, our waitress presented me with an 8 x 8 box wrapped in brown wrapping paper with a giant gold T. The T was written by hand in a sparkly gold glue-like marker. It was a homey, unpretentious touch. Surprised by the interruption but pleased that somebody was thinking of me, I asked the server, “Who is this from and where did this come from?” The waitress replied, “Over there,” and pointed to a woman—Louise Hay—who was sitting with two of her girlfriends on the other side of the table. I could see the dark snowy winter lights of the main street outside the window she sat beside. At no time did she look at me. She was rather engaged with her friends, enjoying a heartfelt visit.

I said out loud to my table of guests, “That’s Louise Hay!” The faces of my business associates were stone neutral, as if they all had no idea who she was and why her gift might be notable. As I glanced around the table, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why these particular people were there or why they looked so blank.

I began to unwrap the gift. I was in complete disbelief that Louise Hay of all people was gifting me something in my own little hometown. Inside the box, I found a laminated road map. It was just like the kind from the early nineties that you would have in your glove box. Unfolding it attracted some attention from my group, yet they mostly remained emotionless and disengaged.

I stood up and stretched the map out with wide arms. One friend asked me, “What does it say?” I told her I didn’t know. I could clearly see the map with different parts of the world in it and paragraphs to go with them. But the words were out of focus, and I could not read the information provided. At that moment, I awoke.

That was the dream. You want to hear how its strange symbols have come to fruition in my life?

I believe the map, paragraphs, restaurant, and gift represent where I am going, and what I will be doing. They speak to my purpose of helping other people find their natural gifts and paths through my gifts of psychic mediumship. The brown gift wrap represents simplicity and humbleness. The gold sparkly T makes me intuitively feel that I should have confidence about what I will co-create with the Universe and have hope that the future will be pleasurable.

And in the meantime, remember that even if a dream doesn’t make sense immediately, there is plenty of time for it to unveil its truth. As I have been taught my my Elders, the definition of Indian Time is that everything happens in exactly the right moment and at no other time.

That Was Then, This Is Now

November 2019 — Five years later.

Was the gift of Louise Hay a start to a new path of teachers and experiences coming for me?

Just a few weeks ago, I attended training in Carlsbad, California, with the Master of meditation himself, davidji, to complete my Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training. Since 2011 my higher-self has called me on the path of mediation over and over again meeting profound teachers from Mexico, USA and Europe.

During our week long immersion for our practical training and graduation ceremony, davidji offered us an experience of planting some of the deceased, Louise Hay’s, ashes with a tree or plant. Louise Hay was a renown pioneer and author in the spirituality arena who spoke of LOVE and created healing affirmations and conferences for many. As you can imagine, we were all ecstatic to have the opportunity to help plant her cherished ashes. However with so much going on in the class and our intense 17-18 hour days of training and such, we regretfully forgot to do that once in a lifetime ceremony.

Luckily, at the end of the last day standing at the door to leave the school, I heard a gentle and clear whisper in my ear that said, “Louise Hay.” I paused and looked at my teacher davidji, who was a very close friend with her — then I repeated her name aloud and announced, “we forgot!”

He was startled and looked regretful and said, “ohhh darn!”

Immediately I remember the significant dream about her and say to my teacher, “this reminds me of that dream I had of her a few years ago.”

He asks me to share it. As I tell the story, he looks intently at me and says in a very matter of fact way, “well, I promise I won’t plant those ashes without you.” I will wait for you to plant them with me. We will do it together.” He tells me to take her ashes and go sit with them for a bit until he and I meet again.

I felt so honoured and delighted and still had no idea why Louise Hay keeps appearing for me on my journey, but I have a feeling there is more to come! I love teaching people about spirit and the tools of meditation and love. They have brought me incredible life experiences and personal healing too.

As a wise native elder once said to me, “teach what you know—wisdom is nothing if it’s not shared.”

To be continued…

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