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March Card Reading, Tryna's interpretationTryna Gower
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Trusting your Spirit Guides

Last night I had a dream of my grandma again. It had been nine long months since the last time she’d visited.

If you’ve read my book, you’ll understand how meaningful a visit from my Grandma — who has been deceased for seven years now — is to me. My Grandma’s spirit, above all else, has been instrumental in leading me into my mediumship.

When Grandma first died, she came to me often. I felt elated to know I had a special guide on the other side offering me advice and love. The love I felt when I saw her was indescribable. Somehow it felt like I could float off the bed in my dreams.

And her last visit could not have been better timed.

Grandma’s Message

In the dream, Grandma shows up in the backseat of a truck with me. At first, I don’t look at her because I don’t believe she’s really there. It’s been so long! But eventually I turn and look to the left, and there she is. It’s her face; it’s really and truly her face.

I ecstatically shout out, “Grandma!” Her face is glowing, round, and beautifully wrinkled. With a big smile, she clearly says, “You are back now.” And then she spoke a native word, a nickname of some sort for me. It felt like her way of expressing her approval of me and where I was at in life. Unfortunately, when I awoke, I couldn’t remember the word.

The Dream’s Significance

The dream was simple, but it held great meaning for me.

Just the other day, I asked deeply in meditation “What do I want?” Since it was the last few days of summer, I was getting serious about what I wanted to create for the upcoming year. For some reason for the last few months, I have had no clarity about what I want to create in my life. Truthfully, that is an unusual position for me to be in! As a photographer and a creator of many things, I can say that I have never had that problem before. But the fact is that I’ve been in a stalemate position with my life and career for several months now.

So for Grandma to visit, express her approval, and tell me that I was back was very significant for me. That’s because when Grandma speaks, I trust her. I have learned to feel great confidence in her messages.

Trusting Your Guide

Grandma might visit me less often than she used to, and that’s because I don’t need her particular spirit’s messages as often as I used to. But when she does come, I listen to her carefully and accept what she has for me.

As we journey through life, we are always guided to find our way. Our spirit guides and loved ones in the afterlife want the best for us. They love it when we can find our own courage and step into our desires confidently.

To have a spirit guide is to have access to someone that you can trust absolutely. When they speak, you accept what they have for you humbly, gratefully, and like a trusting child. Follow their words of wisdom.

If you have difficulty trusting, or connecting with your spirit guides, start by asking questions, just like I asked the question “What do I want?” in your meditation. Be open to seeing, hearing, or feeling the answers the spirits give you. They are here to help you, but because you have a free will, you must ask for them to help you.

It’s your life; create it with intention and love. And trust that your spirit guides will help you to do so when you invite them into your space.

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