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The Law of Attraction in Action!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

I have some exciting news to share! I’ll be speaking alongside Michael Losier, the best selling author of Law of Attraction and former host of Oprah Radio at Attracted to the North in Fort Saint John, BC on September 21st.

As a meditation teacher, my goal is to help my students unlock their true intuitive self by connecting to their own energy and their unique spiritual connection to the universe. My students can then give their trust to that intuitive self to lead the way as they direct their energy towards manifesting their goals. Basically, it’s about pairing intuition and energy, and harnessing this towards drawing in the physical, emotional and spiritual things you need to grow as a person and attract the life you seek.

As a businesswoman, I’ve experienced first hand how following your intuition can open up opportunities for success. I’ve been an independent entrepreneur and a professional photographer here in Northern BC for many years, which always requires balancing risk and rationality, faith and fiscal responsibility. In 2009, I was awarded the inaugural BC Achievement Award for Aboriginal Business of the Year, an honour I think was only possible through my trust in this intuition.

What I love about Michael is the way that he approaches this idea of intuition to attract what you want in this life. He takes the principals of attraction and puts it into practical application. He encourages people to sit down with pen and paper, to dig in and identify what they need to achieve happiness in life. Really, he asks them to sit down, do worksheets, go through workbooks, and invest that time and that thought. That way, they emerge with a compass that helps them direct their energy. Ultimately, this work results in them attracting a life full of that joy and contentment they seek.

When teaching meditation and through the be.real Retreat series, I also help my students to seek out and know that true compass. But instead of using pen and paper, we do this by getting in touch with who we are, and connecting with our intuitive self, which might take the form of a connection to a spiritual guide or something else- it’s very individual. With the be.real community, we believe that we need to listen to that higher self, our better, intuitive, self in order to make good judgments and good choices in life. We know that karma plays a role in everything we do, so we treat people well, and make positive choices. And we trust that by doing this, what we desire will come to us.

Like most things in life, there isn’t just one correct way to manifest your goals. There are a lot of parallels in the be.real approach to what Michael teaches in Law of Attraction. Michael’s approach draws on more practical tools and resources that people can access even if they’re not practicing intuition, which is totally okay. Connecting to energy and the spiritual world works better for others, and that’s just part of what we do at the be.real Retreat.

I’m lucky because, over time, I’ve learned to rely on my intuition, which comes both from my Native roots and connection to the Great Spirit, and from the practical experience I’ve gained as an entrepreneur. It’s given me the insight I need to help other people chart their way to their own success and happiness. This is the knowledge I try to teach through the be.real retreats as well as as a Medium working one on one with clients to address specific problems and issues that are holding them back from unlocking their potential.

Actually, the way I received my invitation to speak at this event really shows just how receptive the universe really can be in bringing us what we seek. A couple of months ago, I was in my office sorting through some be.real Retreat materials I’ve stashed away. I was feeling really appreciative that now we’re in our fifth year, and the number of attendees is growing, and it’s all pretty fantastic. At that moment, I decided that now is the right time to go off and speak on other people’s stages.

So, I sat quietly and said to the universe: I’d love to speak on other people’s stages and can you show me some opportunities to do such a thing. And no joke- two days later I had invitations from two different people to speak on their stages. Not only that- both were on the same day! As you can see - one of these invitations came from Paul Brent, Founder of Attracted to the North. I had to politely decline the second invitation. Afterward, all that was left to do was just to smile in appreciation of just how powerful the universe is in bringing us what we seek.

Now I’m inviting you to come explore the best way to find your compass to attract what you want in life too. Join me, Michael Losier and Success Strategist Lisa Standeven on September 21 at the Pomeroy Hotel, Fort Saint John, BC from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Admission starts at $100. To find out more, please click here.


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