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March Card Reading, Tryna's interpretationTryna Gower
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Attracting the Best Spiritual Teachers

As an Indigenous psychic medium, I understand very much the importance of wanting to learn and grow, and it is also a desire that many of my clients have too. Yet they seem not to know where to find teachers to help them get aligned in their heart, mind and soul. I have been very fortunate; over the past seven years, I have manifested several brilliant spiritual teachers and guides from around the world. One thing that I have come to know in my experience of life is that most teachers are right in front of your face and you may not even realize it. They can be friends, parents and even strangers. Although I have many established spiritual teachers too, some of my biggest internal growth has come from the lessons with the everyday people around me.

The secret to it all is to ask your higher self or guides to send you the best teachers for you. They will then come in all shapes and sizes and often look nothing like you thought they would. The universe sets up the best-case scenario for your evolvement always. Sometimes logic cannot understand why a particular person would be considered your best teacher because they frustrate you or you feel disappointed by them. But Voilà…there is your best teacher! When you dig deep, I assure you, there will be a nugget of wisdom on that topic — be open to trusting the universe, and it’s path for you, it always knows best.

In life, the hard part is knowing what to do with the emotions and hormonal activity going on in your body when something is challenging you. Feelings can be so difficult sometimes, and we are almost always reacting to them without a thought or a helpful process. How does one learn to move through them with ease and grace? Recently I attended an amazing meditation course in Mexico with my friend and teacher, Medicine Man Saul Rodriguez, and I have gained real-life skills that I now use every day. They help me move the dense energy out of my physical body, but I think even more importantly, I can now be the witness of it all without the brass reactions I once had. Sitting in anger, sadness or resentment and actually allowing one's self to feel and observe it…changes everything. I will also state, that I don’t expect or believe you should try to do it alone as it can be hard in the beginning, but a qualified teacher is always nearby if you want one.

Tryna Gower, Oscar Saul Rodriguez and Klaudia Engstler
Tryna Gower completes her Kuantum Meditation Certification with Salto Kuantico

It is my belief that your brightest teacher is the one you see in the mirror every day, but additional assistance is often needed by people who have walked the road before or have advanced skills and tools to help you grow. All of the people you meet and are in relationships with are in fact spiritual teachers in one way or another. Combining the knowledge and experience of both kinds of teachers is what will make the difference in how you create your positive and happy internal experience.

The Buddhist proverb;

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

If you would like some spiritual guidance from me, I am always here to help.

With Love,

Medium Tryna Gower

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