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verb | in·tu·it | \in-΄tü-әt, -΄tyü-\

: to know or understand (something) because of what you feel or sense rather than because of evidence: to know or understand (something) through intuition

Connecting with your higher self can be done by anyone. In fact, we are all given this six sense, gift of intuition and spiritual connection with source or the Creator God or your own higher self. Whichever terminology you use does not much matter. What is important is your interest in learning how to access it or finding people who can help you understand it better and not being afraid of it or doubting it’s truth. I was ultimately broadsided by the gift of mediumship and I now love to share these gifts with people to help them grow, heal or connect with loved ones on the other side.

I encourage you to believe that you too have the power to overcome obstacles with the use of your own inner healing abilities and intuition. Follow me and find tools through my stories to help yourself through your own journey of life.

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