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May 26, 2019

Gain Life-Transforming Skills, Connect with Community, and Restore your Well-Being

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Join us for the first-ever be. real 1-day event. Learn about meditation, intuition, and releasing negativity faster. Restore peace with yoga and a healing sound bath. It’s all happening Sunday, May 26th at the George Dawson Inn, in Dawson Creek.





Spend an hour with Dave Doyle, the Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) Professor. His dynamic presence and profound insights into the power of attitude will help you shift old paradigms and light inner fires.


Dave is:


  • a Napoleon Hill Certified Trainer

  • a Personal Development leader

  • a Ted X speaker

  • as a personal trainer for your positivity muscles who can
    teach you how to work out your negative emotions faster





Explore the basics of meditation and intuition with Indigenous Psychic Medium Tryna Gower. Try out new practices for harnessing your inner peace and wisdom in a low-pressure environment, with a caring guide.





Oscar Saúl Rodriguez, the Mexican Medicine Man, and his partner-interpreter Klaudia Engstler will be connecting with us remotely from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. As always, he will be supporting be. real participants to reconnect with themselves, and start positive momentum in their lives.


Oscar Saúl is:


  • The creator of Kuantum Meditation, a modern meditation
    style that allows you to incorporate the practice into whatever
    spirituality or faith you follow

  • The creator, along with Klaudia, of the unique
    Four Hands Healing Massage technique

Oscar Saúl Rodriguez & Klaudia Engstler

Mexican Medicine Man & Interpreter
On Skype

Alaine Sullivan

Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga

Dave Doyle

PMA  Professor

Tryna Gower

Indigenous Psychic Medium

Oline Bridges,
Tasha Brekkas & Shealan Anderson

Acutonics, Sound and Yoga Nidra Meditation

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Suitable for all levels of yoga experience, this style of yoga will encourage you to meet yourself where you’re at in your practice and cultivate a deep appreciation for what your body is capable of.

Focusing on alignment and using the breath to guide movement, we’ll move through a combination of sustained and gentle foundational yoga poses with safe options to fit all bodies.

You’ll leave with a sense of deep connection with self and appreciation and gratitude for all that your body is capable of.  No competition, no comparisons; just you, your breath and your mat, exploring and discovering and most of all finding a way to just be.


Alaine is (among many other things):


  • a Certified Personal Trainer, Group and Barre Fitness Instructor

  • a Certified 200+ Hours Yoga Instructor





Finally, achieve a deeper level of peace than you knew was possible with a yoga nidra sound bath. Sound Healing is an ancient art that involves lying down and calmly listening to different tones played on singing bowls. It is a uniquely powerful way to experience a deep meditative state that will release tensions and restore peace. 


Admission $125 incl. tax to reserve your spot!

be. real Retreat #funwithfriends

Good news: if you book by May 15th, you’ll get these two fast action bonuses, valued at $115


  • A FREE PMA Audit: a 45-minute consultation with Dave Doyle to check where your PMA Meter is, so you can know where you’re at, and where you want to go

  • $25 off a 1-hour Psychic Mediumship Reading with Tryna Gower to ignite profound healing


Bring a friend and spend a meaningful day together:

Save $25 each until May 15th.




Book your seat now! These bonuses will be gone by May 15th, 2019.



Register by selecting the Sign Up button below.

Take a glimpse of our 2018 be. real Retreat event to see what transpires at our events. The video was filmed at the Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa & Resort in Parksville, British Columbia.


Visit to see our past events.

Event Schedule

be. real Retreat Meditation
be. real 1-Day Workshop

Sunday,  May 26, 2019


    9:00 am       Registration Open
9:30 am       Welcome to be. real

    9:45 am       Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga
                         with Alaine  Sullivan

  10:30 pm       Break

  10:45 am       Beginner's Meditation and Intuition
                        with Tryna Gower

  12:00 pm       Lunch Break on your own 

    1:05 pm       Live on Skype with Mexican 
                        Medicine Man Oscar Saul 
                        and Klaudia

    2:05 pm       Break

    2:15 pm       Positive Mental Attitude Professor:
                        Dave Doyle

    3:15 pm       Break

    3:30 pm       Closing: Acutonics, Sound and Yoga 
Nidra Meditation with Oline Bridges, 
                        Tasha Brekkas and
                        Shealan Anderson
5:00 pm       Evening Closes

be. workshop Ready

What To Bring


  • A yoga mat if you intend to participate in this event’s yoga session (a limited number of yoga mats/meditation cushions may be provided at the event, but cannot be guaranteed for all attendees)

  • A meditation pillow if you prefer to sit on the ground rather than in a chair

  • A light blanket and a small pillow for sound meditations

  • Comfortable shoes and clothes

  • A water bottle

  • A journal and pen to document your journey

  • Light snacks for breaks





Please be sure to bring a lunch or light snack for the day. As lunch is not included, you are free to have lunch at the George Dawson Inn Restaurant or one of the other great places in Dawson Creek, BC.

Please be mindful of the schedule as our Medicine Man starts promptly at 1:05 pm.


Set your Intention. be. real Retreat
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I considered myself an old house in desperate need of a renovation


I would so be in for that... and don’t get me wrong I wanted to... yah I was always the type to say I would love to go there... that sounds awesome... go places and do new things. The truth was I wasn’t allowing myself to do these things. When I say things, I’m meaning commitments of any sort. I wasn’t giving myself any credit nor permission. However, I did make this be.real retreat... must I say it was life-changing. 

Looking back I would have considered myself an old house in desperate need of a renovation. Going to the be.real retreat started this process. Now, this old house needed some work so we stripped the inside down and began to remodel.

I walked in so scared of what people might think... do I even belong? What if I say the wrong things?? You name it the thoughts ran through my mind... what are with these thoughts anyways??? 

It was who I thought I was. 

I can’t even explain in the right words what the be.real retreat did for me. It sure started the renovation to my beautiful old home. Don’t get me wrong, my home is not finished it’s a working progress. This place gave me the best team and tools to start this journey. I will not miss out on another opportunity like this again. I’ve started and I will not quit! I can’t wait for the next be.real retreat.


Thank you so much 


April, be. real Retreat attendee (2018)