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Cree Métis spiritual warrior and award-winning entrepreneur Tryna Gower, shares her psychic mediumship ability gifts with you in hopes that you too will discover your own intuition and learn how to navigate yourself through life as you search for answers in business, love and the concept of your own energy and how you can use it to live a more fulfilling existence. Discover your own healing and knowing tools through connection with your spirit and the afterlife.

After almost 20 years in business as a portrait photographer and owner of a branding and website agency, Tryna knows people. She loves to learn, understand and appreciates all walks of

life and inspires many with her willingness and drive to whole heartily be real. When you can fully trust yourself to understand and make an important decision in your own world, you will blossom to the fullest. It is Tryna’s wish and desire that you will join her on your own journey of self-discovery and be.come.

Tryna was born in a multicultural family in Canada with Cree, Métis, Irish, Polish and Czechoslovakian roots and founded an international group in 2014 called be. real. The annual retreat has many followers and we hope you will join Tryna there too at www.berealretreat.ca