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Meditation Teacher and Indigenous Intuitive
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Connect with a meditation teacher & intuitive who can connect you with your higher self.

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When you need guidance or spiritual assistance, Tryna is here to help.

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Listen in as Tryna speaks with the After-life. What advice do they give us to be happier?

Meditation Teacher. Indigenous Intuitive. Creative Entrepreneur. Photographer. Tryna Gower Keeps
It All In Balance. 

That’s why you might want to connect with me: because a brilliant life is a balanced life. And I’d love to help you find both your brilliance and your balance.


It’s not an easy journey, but it is ultimately such a joyful one. Take it from me. I’ve found balance the hard way, and discovered my own brilliance in the heights and depths of a unique life. I’ve picked up some transformative lessons along the way to becoming who I truly am. And they might be just what you need in order to get to where your heart longs to go.


So, who am I? Yes, I’m a meditation teacher (A certified Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher with davidji) based in Dawson Creek. Yes, I’m an award-winning photographer and entrepreneur. Yes, I’m a Cree-Métis woman who relies on my intuitive gifts to nurture myself and others.

(Read my Story if you want to learn more.)


But really, these are all just bullet points.

Who I am is how all of these colourful and seemingly contradictory elements come together in one (relatively) balanced being.


I believe that meditation is a shining, open doorway to living a truly balanced life. I know that the lessons and gifts I carry from my Indigenous heritage can help others to nurture their own life-transforming intuition.


So, want to learn to meditate? Have you considered connecting to your spirit guides to get guidance on your path? Or, want to connect with someone who’s not only intuitive but also grounded enough to build and grow a successful business? Reach out; I can’t wait to hear from you.

Let’s open your gift together

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