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Medium Tryna Gowe Session

Connect with a psychic medium who can connect you with your higher self.

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When you need guidance or spiritual assistance, Tryna is here to help.

Get the be.come: begin to be book

Read Tryna’s story of receiving the gift of mediumship from her departed Cree grandmother, and learn how to activate your own intuition.

Dawson Creek's Indigenous Psychic Medium Tryna Gower will connect you with your own inner wisdom.

see you. You’re a soul with profound depths, but somebody or something has cut off your connection to your own spirit. As a result, you’re full of feeling, but sometimes you lack direction. You’re full of passion, but sometimes you feel stuck. You have strong gut instincts, but sometimes you’re not sure you can fully trust yourself.

The truth is that you do have the answers. And once you learn to access them, abundant joy and magnificent self-transformation are yours for the taking.


Believe me, I speak from experience. My name is Tryna Gower, and I’m a psychic medium. I draw upon my ancestral gifts as a Cree-Métis woman to help people receive messages and gifts from the spirit world.

But I only embraced my gifts and began my practice after living a full adult life and establishing other successful businesses. Read my Story


  My approach to psychic mediumship is down to earth because I believe that intuition is a natural gift that’s available to all people. I conduct psychic medium readings, tarot readings, and psychometry in person in Dawson Creek, BC, or globally over Skype.

Like me, you have a gift. It’s waiting for you, like the most beautifully wrapped present. Whether it contains a message from your lost loved ones, an insight you need to succeed or heal, or fuel to set your own intuitive powers on fire, it’s waiting.


Let’s open your gift together

Transform your Life