The forecast has been funky

Are you having a bad day? A bad stretch, bad patch of energy? I want to give you some tips and tricks, on how to release stuck energy. We have a full moon in Leo coming up here, January 28, and although I’m not a certified astrologer in any way, shape and form. As an intuitive I’ve always enjoyed astrological forecasts and input and enjoyed learning. The forecast is mentioning there’s a lot of planets acting a little funky out there shall we say and this moon is going to be bringing us some dense energy as well as some balancing acts too.

But instead of talking about the astrological aspects, as a psychic intuitive I want to tell you that there’s been so many people coming forward, really stuck, with dense, heavy weighing energy that’s holding them back, and it’s been a bit of a pattern here so I wanted to give you my personal 4 tips and tricks to release stuck energy. So if you want to jump to the video and click the link over to YouTube to watch that video and use my four personal strategies to move energy, it’s free. And I promise they are simple to use, anytime, any place. These are the tools I’ve been using too. So if they feel right for you, please practice them, and explore how you like to move your stuck energy. We all need little reminders, people in our lives to help us through. We cannot do it alone.

Remember who you are, and explore the people, and the tools that resonate with you. Stress and fear show themselves first in the body, then the mind senses something is out of balance. Breathe and release in a few minutes and see your attitude change almost instantly.