Setting Upon a Journey, Adventurer, Inexperience — December 2019

Coyote: Native American


Deck: Animals Divine

by Lisa Hunt


The coyote's journey takes him on a rocky path with entwined roots. The roots represent the obstacles that the unwary traveller will most likely encounter. the rocks contrast the roots with their stabilizing properties—but one must be careful not to trip on these earthly protrusions. The six flying birds overhead represent change and impermanence. The raven in the foreground is beckoning the coyote to continue. The coyote must pass by the bones, symbolic of stagnation, in order to explore new opportunities of self-awareness. The dead trees are reminders that all things must pass and new paths should be made in order to promote new growth. The spirals on the Rocks are reminders that life is a continual journey to be explored. The dragonfly represents our goals and dreams and the penetration of veils of deception. The necklace of feathers and beads represents flight and continuous pursuit of truth. The subtle winding snake is ever-changing and merging with the tree roots, a reminder that we have to activate all of our senses while travelling this path.

Tryna's Interpretation for you:

Life is constantly changing, many NEW things are beginning for you. Your own intuition is awakening and expanding faster than you thought possible. Once you get in touch with your own senses and emotions, you will begin to explore a new sense of self. 2020 is all about redefining who you are and allowing new creative possibilities to reveal themselves within you. Unleashing your own gifts and feeling confident to explore the unknown as change is in the air will make you feel alive again. Take charge of your evolution but be gentle with yourself as you explore new things about your new path, some obstacles are on the path, but your new awareness will help you if you trip a little.


Big Love, 




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