Prosperity Begins

The Psychic Tarot

Oracle Deck by John Holland

This card brings a message of new beginnings, prosperity, wealth, and new business — which could soon be in the palm of your hand. It may result from your hard work, past efforts, and investments; or it could show unexpectedly. It may even be presented as a gift. With careful and diligent planning, recent endeavours and money making ideas show great possibilities and promises of monetary gains.

This is a time to focus on the most beneficial outcome. Expect the best and envision that project or new job having a successful result. Feel it, see it and most important, believe it! When you focus on abundance and the positive aspects of the material world — and offer gratitude — prosperity in all forms flows more freely.

Tryna's Interpretation:

Prosperity in a time of world upheaval?

That's right. How fortunate are we that we are not on the front lines of the battle in a gun firing war zone? This sometimes feels like an internal war though right? One where we are being forced to save ourselves and manage to be a guiding light house for our families. How do we do that with certainty that we won't fall apart emotionally ourselves? Who will help us hold everything up?

We start with re-finding the love and balance that's already within us and remember what is important in life. Those things are health, family, friends, sustaining a quality life that brings us joy and abundance — then learning how to build a better spiritual, financial and emotional backing in the days ahead. We are all reassessing our foundations of everything we are made up of and I am certain going forward, our priorities will be much different than before. During this time, just focus on all that is going well and let's help each other be good people from now going forward.

While we reevaluate what's important to us, prosperity begins. We have so many fortunes around us already but somehow we have lost sight of the eminent beauty that still surrounds us daily.

As we spend more time with our families and more time being creative with our time we may also start to notice more of ourselves too. I mean start looking at deeper aspects of ourselves including things we fear, doubts we may have and asking yourself these kinds of questions. Did I do things good enough? Did I prepare well enough? Have I been there for people? Have I been able to maintain my own mental and emotional well-being through it too?

As human beings, we really need each other. Yet often we experience frustration and other emotions while engaging with each other too. Yet, we still have this deep instinctive calling to be connected with and to learn from each other. Maybe even more importantly, we have an intense desire to be accepted and loved just as we are and want to be a part of something greater than ourselves. How do we manage all of this?

Meditation is the answer. Prosperity begins when you open the door to the idea that you are the one who has the power to maneuver through the tough and dark times. When you give up the co-dependancy that others somehow can make you feel better in your life, and that all the trials you experience in relationships are because of a disconnect with yourself on a higher level. Sitting quietly in what is called THE GAP (AKA Meditation) helps you let go of things you cannot control and gives you access to the Goddess/God that lives inside your soul. The wise one who directs you. In other words, the best version of you. The good in you. Your higher-self always knows the best for you. When you pray, you ask, when you meditate, you listen.

Let me give you an example; If you are frustrated with a coworker and don't see that both parties — you and them both have internal challenges going on, you would most likely blame them for the entire situation. The truth is, you both have challenges going on and are both out of your highest vibration and therefore cannot communicate well enough to navigate through it with grace. It's not important to agree with people, it's important to find the path forward so that creation and growth can keep happening for both people and you remain kind and respectful as you do it.

In these challenging times is where we will all grow enormously. It's easy to quit. It's harder to talk and rectify, but once you feel brave enough to explore yourself and learn about you and how you're emotionally, energetically and physically wired, that's when prosperity begins. When you become more aware of the big picture, including you, awesome change can happen.

Talk to each other, be willing to see different view points, look inside yourself through meditation so you can navigate this world easier. As a meditation teacher and psychic intuitive, I am always here to help you navigate these personal challenges when you need assistance finding your path.

I am so thankful that you are in my life. Big love to you today and everyday.




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