Magically Move Your Mind Muck. April 2021 Collective Reading

Ever wonder why you feel how you feel or think what you think? Energy is collective and as we enter the new dimensional reality, we must know more about ourselves in order to thrive, improve our vibrations and reality. Here's a card reading for you to see what April may have in store for. Let me know if this resonates with you and if you have questions, please ask.

As some of you visiting here may already know, and for those that I'm just meeting, my name is

Tryna, i'm an indigenous medium here in beautiful, peaceful Northern British Columbia, Canada and i'm going to provide you with a collective reading for April 2021. So let's get

started here, bringing in the collective energy. I'm already in the zone as we just finished one of my free meditation groups. If you're interested in joining me for a free guided meditation to just explore yourself in a new way, take in

something new, to refresh and recharge your energy my door is open Wednesday nights i'm inviting you to come and join but for now let's do this card reading and see what the guides are saying. I'm using these cards the Moonology cards, and i'm using the spirit of the wheel cards as well.

As I pull these cards, i'll just share them with you. As I said this is a collective reading for every one of us in our tribe, every sign. So let's see what happens

Card Pulled: Time to give rather than take. New Moon in Virgo

Time to give rather than take new moon in virgo. Firstly it doesn't matter what the

moon is that's actually happening in the real world. this card is representing this

moon. So similarly just as we talked about tonight in our meditation circle was the fact that the energy has been pretty heavy here this week. How are you feeling?There's a time changing of the tides 2020 to 2021, you know there's a lot of mental energy, maybe you are having heavier thoughts, heavier stuff. For some people they're experiencing and it's been a bit challenging so what came out in the previous reading was the fact that we are actually needing to mindfully shift our energy so if things are heavy or you know you're feeling down in the dumps or really negative, what we need to do is actively change our energy vibration.

So; the first step is becoming aware of what we're feeling and thinking. So for example right when you're having negative thoughts, maybe your're feeling sad and lonely. What you need to do is STOP, and give yourself permission to feel those feelings and think those thoughts without judgment. Then as we witness the thoughts and we acknowledge, and go okay well that was that was pretty heavy thought

you know, I really can't believe I thought that thought. But then what happens is we go: okay we'll be really present in that idea that those thoughts are coming through

and how we feel and we give ourselves permission to move that energy body, that thought process, that feeling and we can mindfully move it. But we have to be conscious of it first and we also have to recognize that we are just human beings having these spiritual experiences or spiritual beings having a human experience right. But what happens when we're in our humanness, our human mode, it can be hard to remember how to shift that energy. We can take these things so personally, we can really buy into the idea of oh my gosh i'm depressed or i'm suicidal or i'm down or i'm lonely and take on a little bit of a victimology signature. And then my friend, it can go down a slippery slope but what we want to do is catch

ourselves early and recognize that we're doing it.

And back to our April Card Pull-Time to give rather than take: how we swing that is we GIVE!! When we give we become our best selves and we raise our own energy vibration. When we offer something, it could be a hug, it could be a gift, it could be a task, a listening ear, when we offer the best of ourselves to somebody we reap what we sow, so we'll get that in return in a ten-fold.

So make this April about giving and nurturing and taking care of others and let's consciously swing the pendulum of "Debbie downer" thoughts, that are your natural negative response. Let's be okay recognizing it's there and then mindfully moving it.

Let's help other people, and as we do that and they give us thanks (or maybe they don't) but it's an energetic exchange and you will feel better and you'll lift your vibration if you do it. And if I do it, and we all do it we're collectively changing the

vibration of the planet and of our area.

So that's what we want to do we want to make sure that we're giving. It's a time to give rather than take. Yes, that's good advice any day of the week but it's really important right now.

So that's card number one, next we're going to do the Spirit of the Wheel Deck and we're going to pull card number two for April 2021. It is;

Grandmother Moon. Self reflection, Inner Rhythms and Intuition No 4

What a beautiful card, I just love these cards. A friend recommended them to me and i've just

really really fallen in love with them.

So we have self-reflection, that's what I was talking about just previously, really sitting with our thoughts

sitting with our feelings and really letting ourself get to know ourself. Like if we have a thought,

we don't need to punish ourselves for it. We can allow that learning opportunity to come forward reflecting who we were in the past. We're entering a new world a new phase and we are leaders of the new world in our own right. As intuitive people, intuitive seekers, spirit seekers, you are being guided this month to connect to yourself. To your soul.

As you practice giving to others, another way you can be successful and move forward is to really learn more about yourself too. GIVE to yourself as well. Really reflecting on the journey you're having this month and then mindfully stepping up everyday to make that big giant shift. The card is also reminding you to begin noticing your inner rhythms, maybe this is something you've been out of touch with. what does that mean for you to move forward, > to give abundantly to others, what do you need to flow?

Do you need breaks from toxic people, things, or circumstances?

Do you need more support, people, or opportunities in your life?

Maybe you just need to experience some new things,

or dig deep and get rid of old things, habits, pain, blocks.

This card is guiding us to reflect on our identity, our thoughts, own personal guidance systems, what we need in order to avoid burnout, especially in our giving. Creating healthy boundaries, relationships and self. Remember it's not so important to be accepted and and fall into the mainstream collapse of what is acceptable and not acceptable. There is so much power in creating your own, and living your own identity from a soul perspective. Whatever that means to you, begin to explore it. Follow your intuition.

Being unique and different is the importance, we're not all the same, we are all having our own individual experiences and we're meant to be different, we're meant to be unique, we're meant to share our own perspectives, and we're meant to explore other people's ideas and perspectives too because you know what, yes the world is large but it's also so very small at the same time. So when we can connect, and give, and learn from each other, explore and let our personalities and our spirits evolve and change, that's where we gain true wisdom.

So Number 4. The Four Seasons.

Remembering that there is a season for everything, the are also four stages of life. We have the elder, the adult, the child, and infant. When we're going through those stages it's important to remember that

we should honor and step into whatever one we're in and live it completely and fully.

We are always entering a new season, or cycle. A new part of ourselves. Wherever we are, the four directions, east, west, north, south, what direction are

we. Where are we going? Where are we being guided to go? Do we

have resistance? And the four elements.

So also using the the number four as the guidance this month, and realizing that everything we do is in rhythm and harmony with the universe, and the grandmothers, the moon, the spirit guides, our ancestors. Everything we're doing, if we're listening (and in order to be a good listener to the spirit world you have to be a good listener to yourself) really making that relationship with you, your body, your mind, and own wisdom connection, really work on getting that down pat. That is the most important relationship.

Thank you so much and I wish you a wonderful April.

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