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Updated: Jan 19


by: Sonia Choquette



The purpose fool is marching in, bringing your attention to what you are doing right now. Are you enjoying your life overall? Does it reflect some degree of satisfaction? If not, where is the discrepancy? Is your heart invested in the things you're doing and with the people you're doing them with? If not, why? What keeps you stuck? If you weren't afraid, what would you be doing?

The answer to the last question is your purpose. Now is the time to listen to your Higher Self and find genuine satisfaction in the choices you're making each day. You don't have to save the world to find meaning in your life and fulfil your purpose on the planet. Only ego-centred fools believe that. You only need to be authentic and live in alignment with your true values. That's it! If you were a rose, your purpose is to be a rose. The same holds true for a bluebird, a fox, and a tree ... and yes, even you. In fact, all living creations have only one purpose, which is to fully be whom or what they are.

Your purpose isn't a static condition of being one certain way, however. it ebbs and flows as your soul evolves throughout the course of your life. Your purpose as an infant, for example, isn't the same as your purpose as an adolescent or an adult. It changes, as do you. A tree serves the purpose of being furniture or paper or whatever it's next evolutionary expression happens to be. This is so with all of life.

To live with purpose, you must embrace change to the best of your ability. You don't have to love every moment—that's overly idealistic and sets you up for unnecessary frustration. You simply need to care deeply about life: value it, treasure it, love it and share it with others with an open heart. The more effort you put into living as authentically and honestly as possible—and appreciating life all around you—the more purposeful you are.

Follow the Purpose Fool, and examine your life today. Be sure not to foolishly confuse purpose with profession. Know that each person must discover a means to meet his or her basic needs, and this often means doing things that aren't necessarily enjoyable. Any effort can be made to serve your purpose, however, if it has a loving intention. The more you practice this, the more evident and clear the path of your purpose will unfold. Stop looking; just live with purpose and you'll succeed.

Tryna's Interpretation ~

So often, we forget that we are allowed to change our purpose, we can absolutely do things differently now. We can bring forth other aspects of ourselves without explanation or needing to get approval or permissions from others. Life ebbs and flows, changes and transforms and we can get really stuck when we don't flow with it's natural progressions.

It's a new year, a new decade and all that, and I I don't know about you, but I can feel an absolute change in energy and life for all of us already underway. As humans, we need to grow and evolve, try new things and experience new people in order to thrive and feel alive and fulfilled.

An abundance of vibrant energy is before you—get quiet and honest with yourself about what you desire. Then, get out of your own way and let the universe guide you on the intended life path. Trust and have confidence that you are worthy of all your desires and that the Creator/God is walking you back to yourself in every moment.

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