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Tryna welcomes you in. Her Press Engagements and Interviews here will help you get to know her even better. Her media coverage includes topics like public speaking, printed and web press, awards, radio interviews and more.

Cree-Metis, Psychic Medium Tryna Gower awoke to her spiritual calling and true self, August 2010 after the passing of her Cree grandmother Adel Doris Spacil who was a Plains Indian from the Big Charles and Gladue family. Tryna's journey began to take her places she never even dreamed about, but after a longing to reconnect with her Indigenous people her prayers were answered. Over the past six years have given her the ability to not only connect with her ancestors, but she is now walking in her own native gifts such as dance, language and crafting.


The Moore Show08•14•17

Tryna Gower was invited to be a guest on The Moore Show, a platform for some of the world's greatest philosophers, paranormal researchers, life coaches, spiritual teachers, and authors.

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The Moore Show08•14•17

Tryna Gower was invited to be a guest on The Moore Show, a ...